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Due to the challenges of completing assignments, students may be tempted to seek the assistance of online writing services in which the student’s assignments are completed by a third party for a fee. These services should be avoided at all costs primarily due to the negative effects they have o the learning process, as they prevent the student from understanding subject material if they do not research and study as expected. This paper is a student’s guide on why online writing services are a bad idea and should be avoided at all costs.

Effects on the Learning Process

Assignments are meant to guide a student in studying and applying what one has learnt in answering the assignment questions. Having the assignment done by a third party robs the student of the opportunity to learn, which means that, after completing the course, the said student will have a minimal to no understanding of the course content. In this case, students who want their grades to be backed by knowledge should avoid having anyone complete their assignments.

Unfamiliarity with Topic

Online writing services usually present themselves as professional services, but since one cannot be an expert in all subjects, assignments may be completed by people who do not understand to subject matter. If such a person does the assignment, the assignment will not be completed in a satisfactory manner as is expected by the tutor; this may lead to failure of the assignment or even the whole course. Since tutors usually give assignments that reflect what has been taught in class, students should complete their assignments by themselves since only by attending a lecture can one know a tutor’s expectations.


All school assignments have a deadline within which they should be completed, which means there is never enough time to send assignments to third parties for completion and the student should just spend the limited time working on the assignment. In any case, sending one’s assignment to third parties exposes one’s work to lazy or complacent people who may cause the student to submit the assignment so late that a failing grade results.


Everybody communicates in a different way, and only the tutor can clearly state what he or she expects students to write in their assignment. Sometimes, the instructions may be unclear and the student needs to confirm from the tutor; this feedback process is not possible when the student’s assignment is being completed by a third party, hence resulting in poor quality work being done on the assignment.

Plagiarized Material

There is an abundance of information on various topics in online sources like websites, online academic journals, and eBooks and among others. This information is indispensable when completing an assignment, but should not be copied directly; students usually understand this and can complete their assignments without a problem. However, online writing services may have a somewhat relaxed approach to plagiarism, which leads to loss of assignment marks and a failing grade for the student. The best strategy, therefore, is for the student to complete the assignment himself or herself since only she understands the strictness of the institution against plagiarized content.

Failure to Follow Instructions

As mentioned above, the language used by the tutor in the instructions may be unclear, and the student has to do the assignment in line with the tutor’s approach to teaching to avoid an incorrectly done assignment. While the student can contextualize an assignment based on what the tutor says in class, providers of online writing services do not attend classes and will not know what the tutor said in class. In this case, the best strategy is for the student to complete the assignment by himself or herself, and stay away from online writing services that may result in incorrectly answered assignment questions.

Poorly Written Content

When seeking assistance from an online writing service, the student assumes that he or she will get a high quality assignment in terms of citations, language, formatting and accuracy of answers. However, this is not always the case, and the student will receive an assignment that cannot be submitted without getting a failing grade. The best strategy, therefore, would be to submit the assignment without the help of third parties since the importance of the assignment is only clear to the student.


Based on the high possibility of getting a poorly done assignment and missing the learning opportunity offered by assignment, students should always avoid online writing services. In any case, tutors can always tell when students have not done the assignment themselves because an assignment that is done by a third party lacks context. For instance, during lectures and class interactions tutors always add ideas that are not in lecture notes, and a student who does the assignment always incorporates these ideas when doing the assignment.